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The Death Krafter

Marty Feldman Death Mask

Marty Feldman Death Mask

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Marty Feldman from Young Frankenstein/Igor Death Mask

- Life sized.

- Highly detailed replica.

- Free UK shipping.

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The Story

Life sized replica of the death mask of the late great Marty Feldman.

If you haven't seen 'Young Frankenstein' and are a fan of the whole universal horror scene-then I urge you to watch it. Mel Brooks not only made a beautiful affectionate homage to James Whales original films, but he also created a classic in its own right.

This would look great as part of any horror collection.

It's in the detail

These detailed and unique replica death masks make unique and unusual wall hangings/ornaments or would not look out of place in a cabinet surrounded by antiquities. 

All death masks have a ridge modelled into the inside top edge to allow them to be hung flat against the wall.

Each item is a unique work of craftsmanship and is made by hand to order. 

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Great Item-and delivered swiftly and safely highly recommended seller


All the items in my store are intended for entertainment use only such as props or for private collections.

None of my products contain real human skin, flesh or body parts and are made to resemble such items using latex silicone laminate.